It is irreplaceable in the world of textile printing, as textiles of any color and composition can be screened. The resulting prints are excellent abrasion-resistant and has a high color fastness, furthermore not to mention the speed and cost-effectiveness of the process. Depending on the type of printing, there is direct color or four color printing.

At the direct color printing, the print colors consist of specific colors, at four-color printing, the graphic is created from a mix of CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) basic colors. Modernity of eco-friendly plastisol and water-based inks used by us, which can be further customized by adding various additives to produce a variety of effects such as bulbous, etching, glitter, crack, metatran foil.

The paint for the requested color is determined on the basis of the PANTONE® Color Scale, and with the support of it, we able to ensure consistent color prints.

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Company T-shirts from the professionals

In company life important to create and maintain a consistent and well-designed image brand. This image includes accessories such as a company T-shirt. In area of customer service corporations, it is more important and useful to use these company T-shirts. Employees, representatives wearing these T-shirts in shops, outlets, pop-up stores, and contribute of the success image of the business.

Do not hesitate to contact us and take advantage of our services with making a corporate T-shirt! We have been producing high quality T-shirts for years and the quality of our work is reflected in the positive feedbacks, too.

Company T-shirts are made using the most modern technology with screen printing, which has the great advantage of being durable and there is no restriction in material and color alternatives. Text and graphics can be screen printed on any material and color.

Order quality T-shirts for your colleagues and expand your corporate identity with these accessories! We gladly provide you information about company T-shirt production technologies at our contact details!